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Flooding System

Gas Flooding System

Clean Gas Flooding System is a very fast' efficient and environmentally safe fire extinguishing system recommended for a range of sensitive applications   especially where Human presence is involved and such areas that house very expensive' critical equipment or object the damage to which can cause huge loss to capital and process such as control Rooms' Telecom facilities' Data Centers' Museums etc.

The gas used in these systems is Heptaflouropropane/NAF etc which is environment friendly and safe for Humans and leaves   no residue. It is stored as   a liquid in seamless cylinders and super-pressurized the increase its discharge flow so as to attain extinguishment capability within seconds. When discharged the gas vaporizes at the discharge nozzle and mixes with air throughout the protected area using a chemical inhibition process and physical cooling of the fire.

The process of discharge is controlled and initiated by a Cross Zoned control' indication and panel connected to input devices smoke detectors' once the smoke is detected. The system components consist of actuator' solenoid valves' hoses' discharge nozzles' seamless piping.The amount of gas required depends on the volumetric dimensions of the area to be protected.

Carbon-Dioxide Gas Flooding System

Carbon-Dioxide Gas Flooding System uses carbon dioxide to extinguish the fire by creating an atmosphere that is incapable of supporting combustion by eliminating the presence of oxygen or other combustion agent.

The system can be Total Gas Flooding in an enclosed area or local application flooding for an open area or a very large area having the system to be protected where total flooding is not economical or possible due to presence of other equipment or Humans. However' CO2 system in enclosed areas with Human presence is not recommended.

The application areas include Ovens' paint spray booths' EDP floor voids' electrical Substations/ Panels/ Transformers/flammable liquid   storage areas etc. The system is fast' efficient' clean and economical.

We are engaged in offering our clients with a quality proven range of Fm-200/co2- Gas Flooding System. These systems relieve a colorless and odorless gas at the time of fire mishap, thus, helps in extinguishing fire. Supply as per the latest market trends, our range is known for the following features:

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arbon-Dioxide Gas Flooding System
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